We are a ward as diverse in our transportation choices as we are in our demographics. Brianne respects the rights of District residents to make their own transportation choices, and supports policies that offer a mix of options and respects the institutions that have long been a part of the ward. Smart policies balance the needs of the people and institutions that have existed in the ward for generations so that residents can continue driving and parking where they need to, and those who utilize public transportation, bicycles, car sharing programs and who travel on foot to have the safest, most affordable options possible.

  • As Councilmember, she will collaborate with the District Department of Transportation, police and community members to examine traffic patterns, intersections, and commercial corridors to ensure every effort is made to allow for safe, walkable communities.
  • Pedestrian safety is a top priority for Brianne and is something she focused on in depth as an ANC commissioner and continues to as a community leader. As a commissioner, Brianne worked closely with DDOT to improve pedestrian safety through the installation of much-needed stop signs, and to improve intersections such as the one at 15th/Florida/W/New Hampshire.
  • Brianne advocated for the 15th Street bike lanes and supported the ongoing planning for the U Street and 14th Street Streetscape projects.
  • She supports the effort┬áto add a designated bus lane to 16th Street to streamline the District’s busiest bus route.
  • Brianne has fought for common-sense parking regulations that take into account the needs of residential areas in close proximity to commercial districts. She believes residential parking restrictions should be imposed at night when people are coming home and actually need to park, rather than during the day when most people are at work. The evening hours are when visitors to restaurants, bars and clubs are utilizing spaces that should be available to residents, and a smarter parking program would take that into account. She also believes the District has only begun to tap into existing technology for smart, market-driven parking options that would better serve and balance the needs of our residents and visitors, and she will advocate for policies that address our distinctive and changing needs.

As Councilmember, Brianne will offer creative, progressive policies toward parking and transportation that take into account the needs of both the residents of Ward 1 and our visitors. She is interested in working to strike a good balance between all of the modes of transportation used by ward residents, and working to ensure the accessibility to each is compatible with neighborhood and resident needs.